Travel and Premier Soccer

Our AFC United travel and premier soccer programs are designed for older children (generally age 8 and older) who have the experience, desire, and commitment to play the game competitively.

Please note that eligibility for all of our soccer programs is based on a child's birth year, in accordance with US Soccer standards.

Our travel teams play in formal leagues and tournaments, against both faith-based and secular opponents.  As such, our teams will be expected to play some of their league games on Sunday afternoons, and they may be expected to play tournament games on Sunday mornings.

We strive to have a family-first, Christian travel soccer program.  We want our kids to be passionate, and we want them to be as competitive as possible.  But we don't want "travel soccer" to be a scary phrase.  We want our families and our kids to breathe easy when something that's more important than soccer prevents them from participating in a practice or game.  We do our best to support our kids who are involved in other activities and other sports.

As with all of our programs, our sessions include faith-based activities like prayer time and Bible lessons.

  • For 2019/20: Available to players born in 2011 or older
  • A fall and spring commitment is required. Fall season is August - November.  Spring season is March - June.  Many of our players also play in winter indoor leagues.
  • Prior soccer experience is expected.

Program details:

  • Practices will begin about one month prior to the first league game.
  • During the season, expect two practices per week, and a game on the weekend. Teams may play in tournaments in addition to their league games.
  • Travel of up to 75 minutes (one-way) can be expected for league games, and travel of up to 90 minutes (one-way) can be expected for tournaments.
  • Practice schedules are established by the team's coach, in collaboration with the AFC United Soccer Coordinator at the corresponding location.
  • Game schedules are established by the leagues in which we play, and the tournaments in which we're entered.
  • Games can be played on Saturdays or on Sunday afternoons; makeup games can be played on weeknights.